HIII! i go by niko but u cn call me whatevr.. idek wgat to put here if u wanna know more about me go read my wiki pages lawl u can also check my prns + names here or here!

i am an eldritch horror cryptid-type thing living in ur walls. i liek 2 spend my time sleeping in m coffin and talking to my dolls....

i adooooorree slashers/horror films, they hav been my main hyperfixations for the past ~6 yrs.. :3 i also rly like dbd, early 2010s internet culture, evangelion, nijmaids, spongebob, cats & hamsters, roblox, jjba, minecraft, children's toys (? irepost a lot of toy unboxingson my stories LOL) the original 4 fnaf games john wick blablah lots more i dnt care abour ALSO i like to draw and edit a lot i post my stuff on here sumtimes

i am prf dx with bpd ocd&add + i am autistic & dyslexic aswell. kinstagram doesnt need my entire medical history but these r importamt to know while around mw lol just be very patient with me thankyou.. if u read all of this the password is a funny cat or a short intro if u dont have a crd hehee

my epic bf
2.2 ( `ω´)..meow

the little nikos i dont rly like dbls but
idc that mych

slit ur wrists if u or ANY of ur mutuals interact with @lucabalsairl aka @squidmutual/@fuckdarcia
OR his partner @hagehrl/@haqehara i hate fatties sorry!

dni if -14, u have typing quirk, self dxed psycho/pd (depends..?), mcyt enjoyers or if u like my bfs romantically ..
i will just hb if u suck Tbh

byf expect RLY slow replies, i joke about sensitive topics, i need pics/vids of irl bugs tagged.. i will most likely not tag stuff unless you dm me and ask

i am seen in media as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

these are not "da's" or spiritual or whatever just me blah blah you get the idea just dont separate me from myself obv if you claim to be me you're weird and i don't like you

i am dating caesar zeppeli, michael myers and cioccolata my 3 boyfriends and yes they smoke weed.. if you have them as f/o's i am gonna go cray cray yandere on you
i also heart donna beneviento brahms heelshire and jotaro kujo a lot.. if u kin/are any of them comehere i love yuo